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Measure cross-device and online-to-store shopping behaviour

To engage omni-channel shoppers, you first need to understand who they are. At a basic level, this means knowing important factors about the customer such as gender, demographic, location, website browsing habits, search habits, and where they shop in-store. But that’s not enough. Top retailers understand their customer in even greater detail. They measure the…
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Moving forward to the omni-channel shopping era

Omni-channel shopping presents a dramatic shift in how we think about retail, but it’s a change that comes with huge opportunity. Start your journey by understanding the specific traits of these shoppers. Get to know who they are and what propels them to shop online and in-store by using the tools that will help you…
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Provide omni-channel shoppers with relevant, local information

Once you begin to understand the relationship between digital and in-store for your omni-channel shoppers, it’s important to think about reaching them wherever they are and making the experience seamless. Why? Well, according to our recent research, three in four shoppers who find local retail information in search results helpful are more likely to visit…
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Omni-Channel Shoppers: An Emerging Retail Reality

Retail marketing is changing. Today, success means connecting with your most important customer: the omni-channel shopper. The way we think about and approach retail marketing is changing. Today, success means reaching consumers wherever they are, on whatever device they may be using. Increasingly, that means smartphones. According to Google data, for much of the 2014 holiday season, mobile shopping clicks exceeded…
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